Fashion Staples: Ditching the Maturity Clothes and Rebuilding my Mommy Chic Wardrobe.

Last week I officially put away my last piece of maturity clothes that I owned and it felt great! Until I realized I had nothing, literally nothing, to wear. Which I took as an opportunity to rebuild my closet and start fresh with my new mommy style. As I shopped around (entirely online) I was nervous, particularly regarding size and fit. I already lost all the baby weight I had gained during my pregnancy, however I knew my body was not the same even with the weight off. I tried on the only pair of pre pregnancy jeans I still had, which were a pair of mid rise rock star skinny jeans from Old Navy, which were my go to prior to being pregnant and to my surprise they fit well! Except for the latest addition to my mommy body, the tummy pooch. However, I didn’t let that slow me down and took it as a starting point in reference to what size and style would work best for me now.

My closet prior to getting pregnant was very “Office appropriate” because I was working as an accountant. Most of that clothes I passed on to my sisters, since they as well work in an office setting, which left me with a blank canvas. I’m now going for stay-at-home-mommy chic and effortless look, at least that’s what I’m calling the vibe lol.

The saying ” look good, feel good” is very true for me, so I focused on purchasing key pieces that I could mix and match for my new mommy responsibilities. One of my go to looks that automatically gives me a boost of confidence, makes me feel put together and is functional for keeping up with my baby, is a pair of high waist jeans and a tank top tucked in with a pair of buckle sandals. I also layer a few dainty necklaces and of course cinch my waist with a belt, and that’s what I call my everyday uniform.

Everything pictured above is what I now have in my closet and completely am in love with! Alot of the items are on sale so I’ll link whatever I can so you can enjoy these pieces too.

I actually look forward to opening up my closet and getting creative with my outfit for the day. What piece of clothing or accessory do you wear that instantly makes you feel like the baddest b*tch around? I want to know, comment below!

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